Print to PDF for large files in LayOut 2016

Just a minor point / bug to sort out in later update.
This may have been mentioned elsewhere, but could not find in a search.

I have a large file with 8 pages in layout 2016.

They are too large to send as one file so send as two files drawings 1 to 4 and then 5 to 8.

When I have exported drawings 1 to 4 to pdf, cannot then print drawings 5 to 8.

The export box only shows drawings 1 to 4. ?

Have to come out and go back in again to see/ export drawings 5 to 8.

Just a small bug.

Love sketchup, so not a criticism just letting you know.


That’s odd. I’m not seeing that. LO remembers the last settings from the previous export during that session but you can change those numbers for the next export. At least I just did it and exported a multi-page project as two separate PDF files. It worked just fine for me without quitting LO in between.

Are you printing to PDF or using the built in Export feature? Use the export. Under options you can control which pages it exports.

And, if that doesn’t work for you - export the entire document and use a PDF editor (Preview, BlueBeam Revu, Adobe whatever, etc) to delete half the pages in 2 copies.

Or export the entire document and use DropBox or other service to share the entire file.

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Hi Guys
Thanks for your help.
Have now found under 2016 you can go into the boxes and change to 1 to 8 and then go to select 5 to 8.
Just that just does not reset themselves.
No great problem just very minor bug to a fantastic program.

That option has been there I think since LO1. The fact that it doesn’t reset is intended behavior, not a bug. It’s similar to the way exported image size doesn’t change when exporting image files. If you need to make changes and re-export, you don’t have to go through and make all the settings again. Most users would export the LO project as a single PDF file anyway. I’ve done large projects in LO but never had one that was so large I had to split it.