There was a problem exporting this file

I cannot believe I am writing about export to PDF from my layout file. I have unticked the Output Override box in the document set up and only trying to send 10 pages to PDF, for printing. I have reduced the resolution to low. No change. The error message ‘There was a problem exporting this file’ comes up even if I try exporting 2 pages. Please help. Dana

Please upload the file

No one can help you without seeing the Layout file. You need to upload the file to the forum by placing it into a response window. If it’s too big you can use a file sharing service like dropbox and post the link.

To where are you exporting the PDF? On a local (internal) drive or to the cloud or a network location? Are you still using SketchUp 2023?

Seeing the file would definitely help.

I’ve tried exporting to the cloud as well as my local drive. Sketchup / Layout 2024. It is a large document with an awful lot of JPGs images. But I printed 64 pages a month ago without any issues. The file is too big to upload - 539 MG! Let me find out how to use dropbox service - never tried before. thank you.

Generally best to not export to the cloud. Any issues with the connection will be a problem.

Are some of the .jpg images quite large? To what do you have image output quality set in Rendering in document Setup.

After you get your file uploaded to DropBox and the link shared, please update your forum profile.

Rendering quality set to low - to difference. Yes the JPG images are HUGE! maybe I’ll try deleting some to see if it makes a difference.

Wait! Before you delete them, see about resizing them. Raster images insert into LO at 96 ppi . Size the images so they are appropriate in size for the way they’ll be used on the page.

Or just share the file as it is.

I would guess that the problem might lie in something you added since the file last exported successfully.

Hi Dave and thank you for your advice. I’ve reduced the presentation, taken out JPEG images that didn’t need to be there, reduced the sized of remaining images and saved on the desktop – it worked. I think it was ‘way too big’ to download with almost 70 pages, each one having huge imported images and photo realistic renders.


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Hi Dana,

You’re quite welcome.

Did you purge unused stuff from the LayOut file, too.

Good deal. FWIW, I had made an example to show you but got called away. I’ll share it anyway. Images get inserted at 96 pixels/inch or 37.8 pixels/cm. This used to be called out in the online Help files however I can’t find it now. If you insert a large, high res image into LayOut the image will be huge and you’ll need to resize it and you’ll bloat the LayOut because it stores a copy of the image file. Here’s an example. This is an image from my camera. (I’m showing a screenshot of it in my image editor.)

As it comes out of the camera the file is nearly 230 MB.

At 96 pixels/inch (37.8 pixels/cm) the image would be over two and a half meters wide.

If you wanted the image to be only 10 cm wide on the page you could reduce the image to 378 pixels wide. That would reduce the image file size to about 370 Kb.

Inserting the resized image would allow it to insert into LayOut at the desired size. It would be predictable and you’d only need to position it on the page. And you could insert more than 600 images at this size for the “cost” of one of the full size image. Basically inserting huge images into LayOut is kind of like trying to pour an entire bottle of whisky into a shot glass. You only get a shot of whisky to drink. The rest is on your shoes and you’re out the full price of the bottle.

If the images are going to be printed on paper I would, for best quality, insert the images at approximately 300 DPI, and set the LayOut output settings to High.