Layout freezes when trying to export to PDF

Someone bail me out here. Layout is freezing when I try to export to a PDF. I’ve tried lots of different variations of export settings (low, med, high res; different levels of image compression; etc.) I have also tried to print to PDF, but it also freezes there as well.

My SU model is only 44mb, and the LO file is 55mb. I originally had all pages of the drawings in one LO file, but split them in half to see if that would help.

It seems like it stalls out on pg 2 (Main level plan), so I’m assuming it has something to do with my viewports or layout page elements.

Here are the files:

Thanks in advance!

I’m working on it. Unfortunately there is at least one font I don’t have so it might get substituted with Verdana.

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It’s very slow to export on my machine, too, especially with the export quality set to High as it appears you have it set. There may be no point in my doing it anyway. Due to not having the font(s) you used, the text is the wrong size so some things don’t look right. This is the first sheet exported.

Hi Dave - thanks so much for testing this on your machine. I am actually able to export the first page as well, but if I export the second page it will not export. I haven’t tested other pages yet, in fear that I may throw my laptop out the window!

Do you see any obvious reasons why LO is taking so long to export? Between this and the issue with indented fonts resizing, I am about ready to throw in the towel on Layout competely.

I haven’t had a chance to investigate further. When I get home I will, though.

There’s something on that second page that is a problem for sure. I haven’t found it yet, though. I did look at the SketchUp file. Fixed some incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 8_18_2021 , 4_51_10 PM

And purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 8_18_2021 , 4_51_49 PM

Reduced the SketchUp file size by a little over 25%.

Hopefully I can find the offending entity on page 2. It could be just about anything.

Update: I’m still working on your file. So far I’ve been able to get page 2 to export although I’m not sure what changed. Slow process going through each page, though.

Dave you are the man. This is obviously still a model/plan set in progress. Waiting on engineering to compile final set.

Thank you! I don’t know if I am. I’m still working on it, though.

Questions for you:

You have Output set to High. Do you really need that? I’ve exported a few pages using Low output and really don’t see any degradation in the PDF quality. The PDF file ends up being much smaller and the export time is shorter.

I wonder if you could share the font file(s) with me in a PM. If I had them on my computer the text would work better.

Yup, I usually do medium quality output, not high. I guess low is fine as long as images aren’t pixelated at full scale. PM sent with font files.

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