PDF exported from LO freezing half way through document

Hi there, I use SU and LO in the architecture office I work in. I have not had this issue before and have exported lots of LO files to PDF.

I am finding that by page 10, the PDF won’t print, and the county I submitted the drawing set to has complained that the set freezes Blue Beam at page 13 and they are unable to see the rest of the drawing set.

I have tried a slue of pdf troubleshooting things… I have exported the set again to make a new PDF and the same issue is happening which is leading me to believe there is something corrupt in the layout file?

And advice would be great, I have a client who really wants a permit…

Thanks a ton!


Can you share the LayOut file? You might wanna investigate page 10 an 13 by drag selecting and see if there are bounding boxes that you do not recognise. (per layer)

The LO file is unfortunately too big to upload here. No funky bounding boxes though…

Upload to Drop Box and share the link?

Here it is! Smart.

OK. Can you export and print just page 10? (Is that 10 or A10?) Here I’ve exported 10 and A10 as separate PDFs.
Transition Bldg II CDv2.1.pdf (1.1 MB)
Transition Bldg II CDv2.1 A10.pdf (118.0 KB)

What if you only export only the pages that seem to be problematic? Does the export work? Are they printable?

FWIW, it might be a good idea to purge unused stuff from the file. I haven’t looked at the SketchUp model file but I’d guess they could use purging, too.

It pdf’s for me, not sure what is wrong. On a Mac, btw.

Transition Bldg II CDv2.1.pdf (11,2 MB)

I did look at just one of the SketchUp files called Transition Bldg II CD v2.2. After finxing incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 1_19_2022 , 4_22_48 PM
…I purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 1_19_2022 , 4_23_09 PM

This resulted in a little more than 53% file size reduction. I would guess similar results could be had in at least some of the other SketchUp files. That would have an impact on the LayOut file and should make it more manageable.

Another thing I notice is the use of the Flux Architect font. This is a known troublesome font that isn’t constructed properly. A number of users have reported problems with it.

I am also able to make a pdf and view it just fine, it just doesn’t print (seems to have trouble flattening at page 13) and the county who is reviewing the pdf I have sent is unable to view it in Blue Beam after page 13.

Good to know about the flux architecture font! I think it’s hideous anyway…

I purged the Layout file and am having the same issues still… I will try purging the SU files, although when I was trained here I was warned against purging SU files? Will give it a shot anyhow.

Thank you!

Oh good.

I wonder what the justification for that was.

I tried exporting and printing just page 13 (not A13) and it will export but not print. Strange because that is one of the most simple pages in the set. The whole set itself is not that complex, so it is a bit puzzling.

There must be something corrupt on that page.

I tried the same with page 14 and that one had the same result as page 13

I expect that’s the case. If I were going through this and trying to get it to print I would next delete something that I suspect. Maybe all of the text on the Annotation layer and make another export to see if it prints. If not, undo that change and delete something else from the page. If, for example, deleting all the text on the Annotation layer makes it possible to print the exported PDF, undo the deletion and delete only half of them to see if you get a different result. You should be able to narrow down the offender but it might take a few iterations.

Thank you! I will try this.

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