Layout export to separate files per page

Some BIM admins insist that every drawing gets their own file, so that pdfs and dwg`s are split up by Layout page. That is time-consuming to do manually for every drawing being distributed. It would be nice to have the option, in export, to batch export every page to a separate file, named after the name of the Layout page.

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Can do that easily in PDF-xchange Editorā€¦ $46 but very capable for all PDF operationsā€¦been using it for yearsā€¦ not subscription software

Would be nice to have a separate ā€˜Projectā€™ panel for these kind of options, preferably in SketchUp, IMO.

Links or references to Predesign, folders for LayOut, generated reports (and an overview of the files where the SketchUp is linked to) etc.

I have been using ā€˜Automatorā€™ on Mac for setting up a standardized folder structure, but it would be a nice addition if this could be done natively.

thereā€™s no PDF exchange viewer for Mac. Do anyone know of a alternative? Lots of pdf-viewers out there, that mainly focus on annotating the pdfs, and not streamlining the actual printing of pdfs. For that one needs a separate pfd-printer that interacts with the print or export dialog of Layout, I guess.

You might look at Foxit Phantom PDF.

lots of bells and whistles in that software, but no extracting of page names to individual pdf files it seems. I guess this requires a few lines of code from Layout, to actually be possible. The typical pdf-file print or export do get the layout file name by default, and I donā€™t know how a 3. party software could retrieve the page names from inside Layout. The export or print from Layout has no bookmarks or content table or links or anything for the individual page so thereā€™s no information to retrieve from an outside vendor.

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