Multiple page PDF output from LO

My projects generally consist of a number of drawings, or LO pages. As I mostly transmit to others using PDF, I simply print and use the Mac’s built in PDF converter to output. That results in a single multi page PDF. I like that because it keeps the number of files small and it’s a bit like having a binder with all relevant documents contained within it. However…

Today and for the first time, I have been told by a contractor that a multi page document makes it difficult for him to update his records and he would prefer individual drawing files. I found a quick workaround using Acrobat Pro which allowed me to split the document into individual pages. The automatically generated filenames are numbered sequentially but don’t necessarily follow the drawing numbers. That could lead to confusion.

It would be time consuming to output each drawing as a separate PDF from LO when there are a lot of them. Does anyone know a way of doing this efficiently?

I think you option to export the PDF from LO and then use Acrobat to split it is probably the most efficient right now.

you can use the ‘Split PDF’ action in ‘Automator’ , set up as a Service or a drag’n’drop application…


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Wouldn’t that still leave me with filenames that differ from drawing numbers?

Splitting the file is not the problem, it’s the mismatch in numbering.

does it need to be vector, you can export as images which get named sequentially?

It doesn’t need to be vector. The problem occurred recently when I had a 20 page/drawing LO file with drawings numbered 1-20. I exported that to PDF which created a 20 page PDF binder file. But as one of the drawings was superseded and I didn’t want to confuse things by including it in the pack, I deleted it from the binder. Then when I separated the file into individual file/drawings, the numbering of the filename corresponded up until it reached the drawing that had been removed. There was a mismatch in numbering from then on. I realize an easy workaround would be to include the superseded drawing and just ensure it is suitably marked as no longer relevant. What I was hoping might be buried somewhere was an option to output from LO to individual pages rather than a binder file. I think other software must make this possible as I frequently get both DWG and PDF files sent to me as individual files - an industry norm, you might say.

VBO has a LO plugin to either combine or split LO pages into separate or combined files (pages)… may be worth taking a closer look… He is doing clever things with ruby in Layout despite Trimble’s snail pace in this regard.

Is the contractor paying you to make his life easier and yours harder?

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I will take a look at that and have downloaded it in readiness.

I didn’t think that it was possible to use extensions in LO. How do you get them into it?

I did think to tell the contractor to solve the problem himself but they tend not to be very tech savvy where I am and if I am struggling myself, a contractor wouldn’t get off the starting blocks! Plus, he will be used to getting individual drawing files from AC users so he can reasonably expect it from me, I figure.

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Hold on, is that Windows only?

Yes. According to the OS Compatibility indication in the Extension Warehouse. Which is why I didn’t suggest it to you, Simon.

Then maybe “export images” will work as it outputs individual sequentially named files. in either png or jpg at a specified resolution.? I’m windows assume function is on mac too?


This is an expensive option, + $100, which I bought for less than 1/2 price as part of a “package”.

Having to organize and reorganize over 300 pdf’s of 40 year old CD’s I researched all Mac pdf applications and settled on this one. After finishing the project I can say that I would have happily paid full price.

It easily allows you to extract pages which keep their original page numbers and names.

On the App Store or from the Readdle site:

This is one of the reasons I separate my drawings sets up into multiple LO files. Along with the immense performance increase it is easy to export pdf files of separate file types for contractors.

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I use PDFexchange editor on the PC for similar powerful pdf creation and organising… $50 excellent value

I do this with an Automator routine. It creates files with page numbers, but not page names from LO. So the files are called layoutfilename-page#.I guess this is like what you got, but at least you don’t have to use Acrobat.

I would like to see this as well. Until then tell your guy to just “deal”!

Need a plugin-- maybe then we also won’t have to wade through the painful LO print dialog and can go and make coffee while waiting for the files.

All respect for making a very good point while avoiding any, “Shameless Plugs”.

So, I’ve done it, for everyone ! Especially newbies.

This image is of a screenshot that I sent a friend who was transitioning from Autocad to Sketchup. He complained about the pdf workflow that his new job would also entail ( note: he was then on a PC :grimacing: ) so I suggested a Mac and this pdf Book. The added text is due to the appreciation we both share of “Axe Handles” by Gary Snyder. That got his interest.

The Subject of the email was something like, " A PDF on how to make PDF’s in SketchUp "

Also a link to where to buy his copy of the book. A pdf does Not mean, “Print & Distribute Freely”.

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Thanks so much! More on its way!

Do you mean that you do not have multi-page LO files but just have one-page files, one per output drawing? That would solve the immediate problem but I do find it very convenient to be able to send a complete set of drawings in one print operation. I guess you can’t have everything.

No, I have multi page documents. I do separate files based on drawing type, like floor plans, elevations, sections etc. each type is its own file with several pages. My drawing sets typically run 60+ sheets it’s just an easier process and keeps the Layout file fast. I use Blue Beam to book the set.

I follow this thread because I had the same question. I will look at the Readdle PDF expert software.
Is there a way to export the LO pagename as pagename in the exported PDF?