Multiple Page Sizes in LayOut

Is there a way of having multiple page sizes in the same document?

No. There’s not.

As a workaround to create multipage PDF documents with multiple-sized pages you can use a large page size, draw final page size markers (a frame or corner points) on a page, export to PDF and use a PDF editor to crop the pages. Adobe Acrobat can crop to your page size markers automatically.


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Bright and clear - got it!

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Thanks Anssi

Yes. I see your point. and maybe, thats a way :wink:


Can you tell me what you want to use multiple paper sizes for? The team had a conversation about this feature request just yesterday and we’d like to have more information about possible uses.


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I haven’t really missed this feature in SketchUp, but in my BIM and CAD projects I often need to output multiple different documents from the same “model” and very often they use different large paper sizes. If I used LayOut to create construction documents, this would be a very important feature that would help to keep file clutter to a minimum as I would basically need only one LayOut document to keep track of all my different sheets.


Hi Marc

Sounds great, that you are working with this topic!

When presenting a project, I can e.g. show plans on 3’ x 2’ and at the same time hand out a folder in 8.5 x 11".

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FWIW, I have to create documents on both Letter-size and ARCH E-size paper but it wouldn’t be appropriate to make them in the same file.

Why don’t you find it appropriate Dave?

Because the layouts have to be entirely different. I’f I put everything on a letter size page that goes on the Arch E sheet, you wouldn’t be able to read any of it.

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So true. This is exactly, why I would like the option to have views, that is adapted to the size, I am actually going to print it in.

What do yu do, when presenting both Arch E and Letter size in the same project?

They always get exported as PDF files and printed. Due to the size difference they get printed on different printers. No benefit in having the two sizes in the same PDF file. I’m not even sure you can have a PDF file with multiple page sizes.

Thanks Dave :slight_smile:

You can. But usually the sheets in my projects are produced as individual single page PDF documents. And when revisions occur, only the changed sheets are printed. My opinion is that also in SketchUp it would be good housekeeping to keep all sheets in a single LayOut document instead of creating a new one for every sheet (or every sheet size - that would be the equivalent of arranging the city library by book size and cover type).
I admit to using the workaround I posted in this thread also in AutoCad and Revit as I do not like to create a page size into Adobe PDF for every sheet size I use (our standard allows for every possible multiple of the A4 page size to be used).


You are right Anssi

No problem in having multiple page sizes in the same pdf-document.
And having the right printer, you can also have it printed from different size trays.

But this is not the most important to me. I can always export parts of my LayOut document - and maybe sort out the pages according to the sizes there.

I sometimes find I have a need for multiple page sizes and would find it convenient to wrap them up in one document.

For example my Plan Drawings maybe A1 size but I produce a sheet of perspective visuals or annotated photos at A3.

Ih there any change about this matter? Can we use multiple sizes on layout on 2017 or 2018 versions?
Regards to all

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No. Still just one page size per LayOut file. You can combine separate PDFs in Acrobat, though.

Just to add my bit to this old thread.
I can certainly see a use for different page sizes as I often have to put together presentations that contain A4 style documentation and A3 concept drawings.
Being able to produce and keep all the documentation in one file would be a huge bonus.
I know how to produce and combine it elsewhere but would love to do it all in one.