Different page formats in Layout

Maybe I missed it, but is there truely no option to handle different page sizes in one Layout document?
Haven’t found the possibility to do so…

You are correct. All pages in a LayOut document are the same size. There is a longer discussion about the same thing in this forum.

I recently started to need to do this and whilst it would be better if handled directly in Layout anssi’s workaround below is quite effective for me. I don’t have a PDF editor - I just re-print it via a PDF printer (primoPDF) at the required page size.

Thanks for fast reply :wink:
Yes, that woraround from you Anssi seems to be a way.
But still a workaround… I know it from mostly all programs that you can have different formats in one document (e.g. Layout pages in Autocad), and seems to be really useful an necessary if you have multiple pages…

Thanks :wink: