Different sizes of paper in one file


Hi, I’m the architect again. Many of the projects I do have different paper sizes depending on the size of the plane needed.

The problem is that with layout I can only have 1 sheet size for all pages.

It would be nice to have different sizes of paper in the same Layout file.


A workaround I use in AutoCad and that could be used in LayOut too:

  • Use a page size that is larger than the largest sheet you use (I use the largest that our printing service provider can manage)
  • Draw a border for the actual sheet size you need on each page, together with the titleblock etc, and put your page items inside it.
  • Export to PDF. Open in Acrobat Standard or Professional.
  • Use the Crop Pages, Remove White Space commands to crop the page to the drawn border.



Thanks Anssi. It sounds a reasonable solution. I will try that way :slight_smile:


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