Layout index page of page titles

Anyone a suggestion how to create an index table with all the page names dynamically?

I do have 39 pages and need a few more for the details, but don’t want to retype all the pages name or reorder the table when I reorder a page.


It is a good feature request. Today, LayOut doesn’t have a table of contents function.


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I would love to have this function too…

Me too.

I did change it to Layout request.

Please check My other requests also and add +1 as well. :wink:
or any comment on those

Thank you

Now that SketchUp 2018 has a LayOut API, I’ve developed an extension to auto-generate a table of contents/sheet list for any LayOut document. You can try it out here:

I’d be happy to hear any feedback anyone has on how it can be improved.



Try this:

  • open Sketchup
  • open Window/Ruby console

copy this code

doc =“SelectLayoutFile”,"","*.layout"))
pages = doc.pages
pages.each { |page|
entities = page.entities

  • Hit enter
  • select layout file
  • fron te ruby console window you can copy the page names wherever you’d like to

Hi, just saw your reply, Long time i’ve been here.
I will try this out.

hi. I tried out your extension for generating sheet list in Layout. I got an error saying I didn’t chose a valid Layout file. I guess its because I use Layout 2020. ?

I would vote to for this being a native function, after all Layout has auto-fields that can grab page numbers, page names, last changed date, (but not revision numbers and drawing numbers), so generating a list should be straight forward .

I downloaded the program. It immediately had 0 days to try. I bought it for $10 and the license I received was rejected. So I could not test the program. I think the program should be taken down.

What program did you buy? Or do you mean you bought the Sheet List Generator extension?

I was referring to the extension. I thought I was replying to Odd_Haakon_Byberg. Given the extension behavior, where valid licenses are rejected, it probably should not be listed in the extension warehouse.

You are replying in a public forum.

I can’t comment on the license or whether or not it works. I was asking for clarification because you wrote that you downloaded “the program” and and “could not test the program” which doesn’t clearly indicate you were talking about the extension.

Hi Drewmorse,

I checked the link and it’s not working at the moment. I do hope you update your extension in order to work with SU Layout 2020. It’s a great idea! They just implemented this function in the 2022 version.