Layout index page of page titles

Anyone a suggestion how to create an index table with all the page names dynamically?

I do have 39 pages and need a few more for the details, but don’t want to retype all the pages name or reorder the table when I reorder a page.


It is a good feature request. Today, LayOut doesn’t have a table of contents function.


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I would love to have this function too…

Me too.

I did change it to Layout request.

Please check My other requests also and add +1 as well. :wink:
or any comment on those

Thank you

Now that SketchUp 2018 has a LayOut API, I’ve developed an extension to auto-generate a table of contents/sheet list for any LayOut document. You can try it out here:

I’d be happy to hear any feedback anyone has on how it can be improved.



Try this:

  • open Sketchup
  • open Window/Ruby console

copy this code

doc =“SelectLayoutFile”,"","*.layout"))
pages = doc.pages
pages.each { |page|
entities = page.entities

  • Hit enter
  • select layout file
  • fron te ruby console window you can copy the page names wherever you’d like to

Hi, just saw your reply, Long time i’ve been here.
I will try this out.

hi. I tried out your extension for generating sheet list in Layout. I got an error saying I didn’t chose a valid Layout file. I guess its because I use Layout 2020. ?

I would vote to for this being a native function, after all Layout has auto-fields that can grab page numbers, page names, last changed date, (but not revision numbers and drawing numbers), so generating a list should be straight forward .