Generate / Export Page List

Now we’re in 2019, surely there’s an easy way to make up a page list/index in layout? I think it would be a pretty essential feature to be able to keep track of what the document consists of and make it easy for clients / builders etc to find what they are looking for… having to manually do one up is sooo Autocad 2002 and is prone to making mistakes.



I am lazy and just screen capture the page list from the side bar:)

I don’t suppose you had a look at the Extension Warehouse? Maybe something like Sheet List Generator would do what you want.

Yeah I’m not comfortable using my credit card on random third party websites thanks.
Plus it seems pretty rediculous to have to pay for an external plugin just to generate a page list. When the list is right there in layout already, it just needs to be exported to a table or even if you you could just select the text from the list so you can copy and paste it.

Payments in third party websites are sometimes a bit risky and involve too many ads and also intervene in the process which distracts us from the original layout.These types of things should be avoided which will enable a smooth flow of content and no distress for the users.