Can we create a list of document in LayOut

Hi all.
Can I create a table of document in sketchup layout similar to table of content in Word.

  • Floor plan 1 page 1
  • Floor plan 2 page 2.

And it will automaticcally update when I insert new page to layout.

Thanks all.

You can create a list like that but it won’t automatically update when you insert a new page.

How can I create a list please.

You can use the Text tool or you might want to insert a spreadsheet (.xslx) or a text file (.rtf, .csv, …)

I just screen grap the pages list and paste onto my LO page :)…

Shame we can’t use the autotext function

Also a shame we can not insert hotlinks to pages… I am tired of scrolling through 300 sheet construction PDFs to find 1 detail…(PS… industry wide problem, hotlinks speed up information access dramatically and reduce errors)

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The year is now 2021. Will this be happening soon, a simple table of contents, a simple way to show a table of contents when one has dozens and even hundreds of pages. @adam . You know the first time people asked about this simple table of contents was in 2016, possibly earlier. Is this something that takes 5+ years to code? Customer service neglect I’d say, it’s a flipping table of contents that’s taken over 5 years to develop. Can we get a little bit more effort put into layout please.

Make a table of contents quick workaround in the mean time:

For anyone looking for possibly one of the quickest ways to make a table of contents until this feature gets developed, you can do this:

Take a screen shot of your page titles in the page window in layout, send those screenshots to a pdf editor that has the ability to convert images to text, copy paste your table of contents wherever you’d like.