Drawing index on cover page


Seems every drawing set needs a drawing list on the cover page. Is there a way to copy all the page numbers and titles from the dialogue box to a table / list to place on the first page? If it could be dynamically linked that would be even better. Any ideas ? Thanks


Hi Horace-

There’s no easy way to do this in LayOut… yet. It’s definitely a feature that we’ve discussed but haven’t managed to fit it in to our development schedule yet.



Could something like this be workable for the time being?

I made a table spreadsheet with page numbers and page titles. Clearly this could be whatever info you need to show.

The title page gets a table showing all of the rows and columns you need to show (top center) and each page gets a single row table with just its page number, title and so on. Since a single spreadsheet is used, changes to page titles or whatever could be done in the spreadsheet and the reference updated. Or you could replace the reference XLSX file with a new one if you want. I’ve shown the page number tables on a single page only so I could show it in a single screenshot and of course the tables could be formatted to be prettier than I’ve made them.

It would take a few moments to set up but you could include these in a template.

You would need to make any text changes in the spreadsheet and update the reference so not as nice as having auto text referencing other text fields in LO but we’ll hope the LO team can manage to make that work one day. :wink:


How about drawing that table in LayOut, saving as a skrapbook, then dragging it in and editing to suit?

You could have a shaped outline, round/chamfer border corners, colour etc. Several variations of it?

Just thinking out loud.


If I’m not wrong, it’s possible to send data from LO17 directly to a spreadsheet, then would be possible to feed the table spreadsheet with the title block information ( And )
If this is correct, what would be the steps to update the spreadsheet information when changes occur in LO?
I like the idea to include the table in the template.



Never mind, I red about it and it isn’t possible to send data from LO to Excel.


Thanks for all the answers. I was wanting a dynamic linked list so when you add or delete a drawing from the set the index updates itself (like in Archicad or Revit) I guessed it might not be possible but good to know the Sketchup team are looking at for the future. I think any step to close the gap on conventional BIM programs is s a step in the right direction. Now we just need a section tool that leaves a linked section marker on the plan and a dynamic door / window tool and we will be there.


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