Reference Auto-text from another page

I am trying to set up title blocks that have a text box for “Revision” and I would like to have a separate page that contains a table of drawings that shows “Drawing Title” and “Scale”.
Is it possible to insert the revision for each drawing in the Table and for that piece of text to appear in the relevant drawing by using Auto-text?
I can see that the drawing title can be referenced from the “Pages” list and I would like to essentially create my own drawing list that shows up other data in each page.

I like to think that if it were possible I would have found out already!

Maybe some convoluted workaround using a spreadsheet perhaps :thinking:

Perhaps what you need could be achieved by creating several “On all pages” layers and turning them off on the pages you don’t want to show the information.

You can specify pagename types with parenthesis


But to keep track of revisions, a separate spreadsheet (the convulated way) might work.
You can specify the range of the table to one element.

Yes, I am already using to specify the name of the drawing sheet automatically from the Pages tab. It’s such a pity that the Pages tab is not customisable and that a Revisions column can’t be added. Layout seems to be able to refer Page Name and Page Number to individual pages so it would seem logical that one should be able to create a Page that automatically refers what is inserted on the source page to an Auto-text box. Not sure how to specify a range of a table to one element.

Check this example: