Auto referencing pages/viewports to one another

Hi, I am putting together a multi-page Layout document, and would like to be able to reference the drawings internally, meaning, say: I have a plan on page 1 and on page 2 have an enlarged part of the plan. I want to be able to dynamically refer the drawing on page 2 to the drawing on page 1, even if I make a new page 2, so that the old page 2 is now page 3. I hate needing to update my references as I add pages. Would love to have, say, the numbers in my elevation or section symbols automatically update as I move pages around in the document. Does this exist? If not, can anyone suggest a workaround?

i haven’t played with the auto-numbering in the new LO 2023. wondering if maybe they allowed page # references like (e.g. 123456) and then your reference could use something like <pageid=#123456> <pagename> dunno

No, currently you can’t do that in LayOut.