Referential page No. to another page

Is there a way to have a reference to another page?

I want to draw an electrical schematic in Layout. I do need several pages and want some reference point on a page that points to another page. I can do it manually, but like to have it, the reference on the page, automatically updated to a page.
F.e On page 2 I have a ref point to an item on page 5. On Page 5 that item points to page 2.
Then if I insert a page before page 2 and a page between page 2 and 5 then both reference text should be updated to points to the correct new page.

I was thinking about excel that has all the ref points and when updated the pages order in Layout, I update excel, and then update the fields in Layout. But I realise when I do forget it one time, it will be really messed up.
Any suggestions for a better way?