Page Numbers in LO



Is there a way of using the inbuilt page numbers in LO in user entered text? My drawings consist of a sequence of pages each of which has a unique reference which corresponds with the page number. So a planning drawing might be P03, say. If there was a link, it could save a bit of time manually entering drawing numbers.

BTW, I can see certain disadvantages to this automation, but it would be a useful option most of the time.


If you give the pages the desired name in the Page inspector, you can use Auto Text to add that page name to the page.


That’s interesting and almost does the trick. The problem is that I like to name my page numbers in a meaningful way (Ground Floor Plan, etc), so using the name to repeat the page number wouldn’t achieve that. But I’ll certainly think about the possibility so thanks for alerting me to it.


Actually , there is also that would seem perfect for the job. However, having tried it, it doesn’t work as I expected. I think it may have something to do with a blue hatch symbol to the left of one of the pages (not the first one). The numbering seems to start from there but I can’t work out why or how to change it. I guess there must be some means of saying which page you want the system numbering to start at, somewhere, somewhere,…


The blue # indicates that’s the starting page for the page numbering sequence. You can set that in document Setup>Auto-Text>Page Number.

You can tell that’s what the hatch mark is for by hovering the cursor over it and looking at the popup message.


And lo and behold, I find it. Text>Customize Autotext>Start Page. Obviously!


The starting page is exposed through the auto-text menu so that it’s possible to have more than one page numbering range. For example, someone’s document could look like this, with separate auto-text tags for each series of pages. We wanted to add the ability to control the starting page through the pages inspector but ran out of time before we came up with an acceptable UI design for it.


Yes, I see. Great plan. I agree that it would be good to manage all that through Pages Inspector. Maybe it will appear in a future update?


I use on my section marks whenever the sections are contained in the same sheet as the floorpan related to them. I’d like to see an improvement where if you write <+ 1>, you are referencing to the next sheet and so on…