Change starting page for <PageNumber>

In Sketchup Pro2014 Layout, in the Pages menu, there is a blue hashtag mark that indicates the starting page for . How can this be changed to a different page?

File menu>Document setup>Auto-text>Page number, Start page.



Thank you, thank you.

Easy once you know it…

but with everything else drag and drop, why not design it so one can drag the blue icon to the desired page. Seems more intuitive that way.

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We did try to come up with a good way to make this action drag & drop - but ran out of time on LayOut 2014 before we were able to make it intuitive for the case that there are multiple Auto-Text page-number tags. This happens when a document has several sections, and the result is multiple hash-tags in the Pages inspector.


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Did you run out of time 4 years later? :yum:

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I was young and idealistic back then.


The original answer from 2014 still works. And it took me less than 60 seconds to find it. Bravo!

Thank you!!