Meaning of blue '#' sign on Pages Window – Missing Page Numbers from Auto-Text <PageNumbers> tag

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to know what the Blue ‘#’ is called on the Pages Window. And for that matter, also, what purpose/function it serves.

I have a layout document where this ‘#’ sign is currently set to page 3.

I suspect this is related to another issue I’ve found regarding the Auto-Text ‘PageNumbers’ tag… Mainly that the page numbers for pages 1, and 2, DON’T appear on the page. . . However, for page 3, and all subsequent pages the numbers DO appear.

I’d like to be able to relocate, or reassign this icon to a new page, preferably page 1, but I can’t find a way to do that. And maybe I don’t need to but somehow I am fixated on the idea that in doing so I’ll also fix the problem of the missing page numbers.

Any Ideas on how to fix this will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Jim-

you’re right that the hash tag is connected to the PageNumber Auto-Text tag. Every page that’s set as a “starting page” for a PageNumber tag will have a blue hash tag next to it. To change the starting page, go to:
File menu > Document setup > Auto-text > Page number, Start page


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Thank You, Marc!!

You got it exactly right,. . . but I suppose you already know that.

I reset the starting page, and I’m back on track now – with a little more knowledge than I had before thanks to you.

Take Care,


and how about having 2 hashtags in the pages menu?
the document setup shows one correctly as being the starting page but the second page marked with it as well?

So are you seeing two ##'s? What OS are you running on? Would you be able to attach a screen shot?


I have the same issue… 2 blue hashtags… it is just a minor nuisance since it doesn’t cause any harm… page numbering starts where you set it up in documents setup.

If you have multiple “PageNumber” Auto-Text tags, you can set a different “Start Page” for each of the tags. You will see as many blue hashmarks as there are tags.

To see this, you can hover over the blue hash sign, and it will give you a tooltip something like this:
"Starting Page for and "

This is useful for numbering different sections. For example, if your document has these pages:

  1. Cover
  2. Table of contents
  3. Site Plan 1
  4. Site Plan 2
  5. Details 1
  6. Details 2
  7. Details 3
    You could create one Auto-Text tag with a “Start Page” of 3 (corresponding to “Site Plan 1”), and another tag with a “Start Page” of 5 (corresponding to “Details 1”).

We’d like to expand support here to make Auto-Text more powerful and flexible, but I don’t know when that will get done.