Layout 2022 Sequence Tag 🙂


Obviously early days, but if there’s one new feature that will have me subscribing into the future it’s the Sequence autotext tag :slightly_smiling_face:

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WHAT?!! They finally added it?


Yup, pretty cool.

That is too cool!

what about text find and replace! My goodness that would have saved me about 2 hours yesterday.

groundbreaking stuff, really earth shattering

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Yes, it’s an earthquake is it not.

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The problem is that there is still no way to reset the numbering sequence in drawings that are on other pages, let me explain: if there are 4 drawings on a page, (1, 2, 3, and 4), they can be numbered automatically, like a tag named , for example. The problem is that, on the next page, there will be other drawings but the numbering of each of them should start from the number 1, again, but the program does not understand this and continues numbering the labels where it left off on the previous page, then it continues already starting from the number 5 in this case.

Which is the subject of to this thread:

One will have to create a new sequence tag for every set of numbers, which as I mentioned could lead to a proliferation of sequence tags…

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