Sequence Auto Tags (2022)

I see that there is a new sequence auto tags feature, which is great. I also see that the sequence can be renumbered if you remove one of the symbols in the sequence, also great. But has anyone figured out if a symbol can be added to the sequence and renumber it all? I haven’t been able to make that happen and it feels necessary, for example with room number symbols in a floor plan.

Thanks in advance.

Can you elaborate more?

Sure, I will try! Say I have a set of room numbers, 101 through 123. In experimenting, I have been able to remove one of those labels in the sequence and they renumber automatically. However, if I were to add a label in the middle of the drawing, between two existing labels, it becomes 124, not, say, 116. As I think about this, I guess there is no way for the code to know or care about where I have located the labels on the sheet, only the set of numbers themselves I guess in this case I would have to move the labels around myself.

I hope that makes some sense. Hard to describe, but anyone who uses room numbers and then adds a room may know the problem. Thanks!

The new label tag type ‘sequencer’ is likely to be used as ‘metadata’ of the SketchUp model without consulting it, whereas the other types or entities are actually using the metadata from the SketchUp model (FaceArea,SceneName,Coordinates).

If you would have such an automated sequencer in SketchUp, would you use that and then just label the rooms in LayOut SketchUp?
Or is the naming only done in LayOut.

At least it confuses me.

In my workflow, I would only do the naming in Layout, but I could adapt.

Do you use tables to extract an overview of some kind, like total area of the rooms, function etc.? My point is, that sort of stuff is much easier to extract from SketchUp, hence it would make more sense to me if that metadata is stored or generated from the 3D model.

Say with door numbering, 101, 102… …118, if a door is removed in the proposed plan, say 110, I just delete 110 but the sequence is not automatically renumbering unless I invoke renumbering in document setup>auto text or if I right-click>renumber on any one of the tags in the sequence.

If the proposed plan has additional doors as well as doors removed then I would just add to the sequence after 118 and delete the required door tags - there’s no automatic renumbering.

Thanks. That is what I have been figuring out. Still, simply being able to add the room numbers (door numbers, window numbers, etc.) and have them number themselves sequentially is a huge help and bit of progress.

For my requirements I’ve resisted looking into some of the existing metadata that is available in SketchUp because I’ve perceived it to be cumbersome if I’m going to extract that data in Layout.

I can see how the new viewport tag would be useful and don’t see how much better it can be implemented other than positioning the transparent leader.

If I had to position leaders every time I wanted to number a window or door I’d go crazy.

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