Layout- Auto-Text Renumbering, specify how renumbering happens

I may be missing how to do this, or maybe it is a feature request. The scenario:
When laying out lighting fixture numbers using scrapbooks with fixture symbols, I forget to put a fixture in. I add the fixture out of order and hit renumber. Layout renumbers based on the order I put the symbols in place, in other words, renumbering works when deleting an item, but not when adding an item.

I propose a feature that would allow the user to specify how it is renumbered, for example, choose left to right, top to bottom, or right to left, bottom to top, etc. Thank you.


Hi @Hamlit,

This is a feature that we wanted to get into the initial release of sequence auto-text, but we had to cut it due to technical restrictions. It is definitely a feature that we are looking at adding at some point in the future, but for now we are focused on other features and improvements (we are working hard on trying to improve LayOut’s performance, for example).

We appreciate the feedback that this indeed would be a welcome feature.



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