Auto Sequence Numbers - Option to Copy and Paste Plain Values

We all love the new auto sequence numbering. One thing we’ve found useful is the ability to copy and paste a whole load of numbers, and they all increase automatically. BUT - sometimes that feature is a bit of a pain - like when you want to copy all the numbers from your plan view and paste them onto your elevations.

Would it be possible to have the option to copy and paste the values alone - just as in a spreadsheet you can copy and paste cell’s values rather than their formulas?

The real issue is that the sequencers only add metadata to the LayOut document, not to objects in the SketchUp model of the viewport.
As most likely, the sequencer texts are ‘nested’ inside fancy looking labels and the option to ‘Convert Autotext Text to text’ will only appear if you Ungroup them all, first.

Whereas, if these sequencers where attached to PID’s of objects in the SketchUp model, they would be the same in other viewports on (different) pages.

Thanks Mike. Speaking personally, I don’t want to number items in sketchup. I think it’s easier to number in layout. So a way to ungroup them from their nests might be a way forward for me at least.

I am not talking about numbering in SketchUp self (although that might be another way or solution)
When labeling, LayOut recognises objects or entities in the viewport, those should be ‘remembered’.
Neither way (numbering in SketchUp or sequencing objects in viewports of LayOut) work well because of the nesting of elements in LayOut.

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Oh I see! So when you assign a label to an object in layout, you could pull that note from that same object in other viewports too? I’d never thought of that. Nice idea. And I guess if you changed the note on one viewport that same change would update elsewhere as well. That would be great if it was somehow possible.

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