Is There Really No Quantity Auto-Text?

Hello All,

I’m a bit new to SketchUp but I’ve been in 3D modeling for 15 years. I’ve used AutoCAD 2D, AutoCAD 3D, Inventor, NX, SolidWorks and now SketchUp.

I was a bit spoiled by very expensive programs but I also love the amazing things SketchUp Pro can do for the price. Each project I do leads me to use more functionality and I’m just now trying out dynamic components. I was hoping to find a simple auto-text tag for the number of a component in a model but found none, even in the dynamic components menu. It is very possible that I’m just a noob and can’t find the obvious but I searched the forums and found these and, other than extensions, I found no simple solution.

I know nothing on the code side of things so maybe this is hard but it seems like a very basic thing from my perspective and I find it totally silly if it really doesn’t exist without an extension. Am I crazy? Shouldn’t this just exist as an option already? As one of the posts I found says, SketchUp knows this number so it’s somewhere. We just need it to be available as an auto-text in Layout, right?


Please rain some knowledge on me, Thanks!

you’re right.

As far as I know, you can’t show this number in autotext, I’m moving your message to the Feature request subsection

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Thank you. I thought about it but didn’t want to assume I wasn’t just missing something.

I have coded a plugin in order to help me with Tags in Layout.
One function is rename items name acording to a path.

You can tag by their name later in Layout.
Send me a message if you want to test it.

Ok, I just did a little lookaround again, and didn’t find anything native.

Ping to @adam who might know a way, and if not… maybe there is still time to add this to SU24 ? as you say, sketchup knows how many copies of a component are in a file

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The problem is that it could not be in a desired order… Taging them in Layout could be a completly mess…

Is the rename according to a path function how you get the total quantity to transfer to Layout?

I’m just looking to use a label to populate the quantity in a BOM. It’s basic, I think. Although I could see how ordered quantity would be useful.

Like I said, I’m a noob. Should I assume you including his @ should work as a ping?

I appreciate you jumping in on this.

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Hi! as i am quoted, i will explain what i do now and so you can see it maybe siuts you too. In the enda and after weeks of research i suceeded in adding to each component an attriute that quotes the name, and other for quantity, in this last i just write “1”. Then using the report and filtering on these attributes i can get the quantity of each one. I explained it super shortly, i suggest these videos that can be subtitled to your language:

but yes, in the end its a whole load of work for a simple task, in my opinion you are right.

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you wouldn’t be the first nor will you be the last…

Simple upgrades to us. Massive risky development cost to Trimble for a tool they apparently don’t see any market value for (read: don’t invest in therefore don’t care about).

I think one solution for your issue is a work around. It’s exporting to a spreadsheet and then calculating the number outside and bringing in a “view” of that spreadsheet as your BOM. Many pro’s on here might have better understanding of that workaround.

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then again, there is this elegant work around. Kudos @Syksy

I will absolutely try this out tomorrow, thanks!

That’s unfortunate to hear but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. $300+ per year vs $5000+ per year is going to result in some lackluster updates. But who knows, maybe we can get this apparently simple fix through!

No, I classify every item as Ifc and I use a Quantity TakeOff Software. With my plugin I can make Scheduling sheets to include in Layout.

You can export your model to Trimble Connect too and you can view the info in sheets like this


For some of the whole house plan sets I do, this could be very useful, thank you!

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Just some good realistic expectations is all.

This is absolutely true. As some here will say all the time, which is what you say in your original post, no other software can do what this one can for the price. But when we see what it can’t do, we then expect that the mindset of development is the same as the big budget apps. Speaking only of myself there.

Hope your enthusiasm gets to see your hopes fulfilled. That would be a plus for all of us.

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Well, if you need to count them in an order yes, but if you just need the total sum, no need, it’s already there
and while adding functions is always a delicate / long process in layout, using existing date should be quicker I hope

indeed it does :slight_smile:
He’ll get a small (1) on his avatar top right when he comes around

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Which one? Is it a Sketchup Plugin? Your plugin is interesting for sure, but is it the takeoff app as well or just the rename-r?

Additionally, towards the OP’s issue, how do you then bring the output into Layout for the BOM?

Is this optimism or realism?