Auto-text calculator

How difficult would it be to add a calculator function to the autotext box? For example if I had auto-texts x, y, and z, and I wanted to create an autotext called sum that had the value of x + y + z. That would be super useful to my current workflow.

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Sounds like an unusual request. Not sure about how difficult it would be to add but in the meantime, you could use an imported spreadsheet that has the math built in.

What values are you adding?
Prices? Sizes?
You can add attrbutes to components and groups in Sketchup, which can be used as labels in LayOut.

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Yea, I agree with Jack, in SketchUp you’d create a custom dynamic attribute named "SumXYZ" that = X + Y + Z add then it’d appear in the AutoText selection box.

Appreciate the suggestions, but I have been poking around looking for something like this as well.

Two reasons I would like this:

  1. Dimensions rounded to nearest 5mm, or any other function on dimensions
  2. Marking dimensions on components that scale (e.g. factors > 1.3 screw my layout scenes - component edges outside the view), without having to regenerate the scene and the layout.

Current solution is to generate the drawing with dims A, B, C etc. and then copy the calculated dims from an Excel sheet into Layout. Workable, just not great.