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One thing I have really been wanting the last few weeks would be the ability to have smart/auto text attributes within layout. for example, being able to do maths within auto texts, having it so I can input 2 dimensions for example and then having a 3rd auto text be them multiplied to show the area.

The auto text currently feels like a glorified fill in the blanks option currently however the UI for this still seems a bit clunky. It would be cool if you could input a place holder and then when you hover or click you mouse on the text it would open a textbox for you to fill in the blank. then wherever that auto text is it could fill in.

Another thing would be the ability for auto text to read into a linked viewport and call out more information than currently available. having something like being able to count the number of a certain component or refer to component attributes would be really cool to be able to do. My aim at my job currently is to automate as much of the layout side of things as we can and trying to make the most of auto text is proving to be not much faster than doing it all manually as it is currently.

If anyone has tips or some other things I would love to hear them as it may be my lack of experience with SU/LO speaking currently.


You can apply attributes to groups and components in SU. Those can then be retrieved with auto text in LO. All My details are done that way.

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There’s no way for you to set that up as a pre-set template though is there? They always have to be attached to the viewport once its been imported, no? As an example, if i wanted a scale on my drawing, there’s no way for me to link a live scale note without already having the SU viewport in the page? I’m just thinking of having a template with everything so when you import a model into a space it can read its scale and certain notes. But for each project we use different SU models so I would need the template to react to the changed model.

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Yes there would be a way to do that. You would have a proxy model in your template that is your SU template. Then when you update the model it should update the drawing title and scene.

I don’t do that since my LO templates are already set to a specific scale and for specific scenes, so they are pre titles and the viewport of the proxy is scaled.

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