LO Feature Request - Component Equivalency

I’m not sure if there is a specific space for feature requests, but if this should be posted somewhere else, I’m happy to migrate the topic. This is one of those things that I just keep assuming will be added to LO year after year, and somehow I seem to be the only one thinking so… to me, one of the biggest improvements I can imagine in LO would be the creation of drawing and textual content that responds the same as components in SU; where changing one instance changes all other copies. This would save so much time for so many little applications… updating section cut tags, window labels, notes, etc. I know about the workaround of using ‘find & replace’, which does kind of work, but it is a cumbersome solution to something that seems like it would be very easy to program in. To the powers that be, please make it so! TIA!

I agree - having “Components” or “Blocks” with attributes like in AutoCAD or other CAD software would be of huge benefit!

@trent I imagine this working similarly as in Sketchup - create a group of objects (text, lineart etc.) and then you convert it into ‘dynamic group’.

Additional feature that would be very nice would be to be able to define ‘attributes’ inside text fields - similar to how we can insert ‘variables’. When user clicked on a ‘dynamic group’ that Layout would display attributes that can be changed for each ‘dynamic group’ separately. Ideally we could use Sketchup group or dynamic component data to display text such as window name, dimensions etc.

This is handy for all sort of things in architectural drawings for example for room, window and door labels and many others.

Does the display on multiple pages not help with this? I use it for common notes & features like section lines and just turn visibility on in relevant Pages. Other things can be dragged in as a reference file or from the Scrapbook if they are placed randomly.

Do you have something more specific that these options don’t cover?