Blocks in Layout

Pretty sure this has been requested, but I’m giving it a nudge.
Every Cad program has this feature, it’s a no brainer.
I have a drawing that has 30+ pages, and I have a number of smaller details on each page, some maybe on 20 or so pages and others on 15, now if the drawing changes, which it does constantly, I have to update every detail individually to reflect those changes.
It’s so frustrating have to update one then copy it to each sheet and replace the old detail.
what could take just a few minutes, ends up taking hours…

Please add blocks or instances to Layout… They would be much appreciated…


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I don’t understand. Unless you have a huge number of different SU drawings in the LO drawing, updating the base SU file will surely update all your LO pages, no?

It’s also not necessarily obvious to SU people to know what a “block” or an “instance” is in this context.

I think your post may need more detail if you want a substantive response. Also, if this is effectively a request, it should probably have gone under Feature Requests.

Does not seem to be on Trimbles brain though
I am pretty sure he is refering to “components”

Yep…good to keep raising this.

The obvious idea would be that anything in your scrapbook is a component.

So just replace the scrapbook with a component browser.

And while we’re at it, replace the colour picker with a material browser.

And then add some text/paragraph styles.

Oh, and “master pages” wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

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