Detail library and details drawing/s

Hello folks,

I’ve used SU 2017 Pro a lot and am quite comfortable with all the functions, however, I’m a relative novice with Layout.

I am about to create more standard detail models for future use, but I would like to know the best workflow options to create this library.

Currently I have a dwg CAD file loaded with my most used details which I use in work, for use in 2D AutoCAD. While this has been successful, I feel the presentation SU/Layout offers me would be MUCH better to use. Not to mention the speed factor.

I’d like to keep them as separate details, saved on our server in a folder system that I can maintain and update as required.

So, once I’ve done my detail model, exported to Layout, annotated etc and is essentially complete, how do I then get that particular detail into a different project/Layout file?

I’m assuming that I can do this, or at least something similar…

Im utterly tired of exporting screenshots plus I know for a fact that I could have a hugely improved final product.

This is pretty much all that’s stopping me from dropping AutoCAD altogether, except maybe some fine tuning here and there in 2D before exporting. This in turn means I can save money by dumping AutoCAD subs. and use the NanoCAD I keep for emergencies (like ACAD licensing not working etc) instead. Potential big money saver.

I searched the forum but I didn’t see anything which outlines the process.

Thank you in advance.


Save your imported details individually into a scrapbook. When you need that detail, insert it to the any new document.
If necessary, you can modify that detail and again save it as a new scrapbook detail, then both versions can be inserted in any new document or project.

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Have looked at Scrapbooks in layout?

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Scrapbook/s is new to me. I know nothing about it/them. I will have a look about on here…

Bring in your SketchUpfile scenes and set them up on a page or pages. Make the viewports the most likely used size so they’ll come in correctly sized later. In Document Setup>References, Unlink the .skp files so LayOut will only look at the embedded copies. Then use Save as Scrapbook.

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Terrific. Thank you @DaveR , I will give that a go. Cheers man.

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Good luck.

Before you get started, go into the Scrapbook and open one of them for editing. Maybe the arrows since they are SketchUp model viewports. Notice how it opens as a page and how things are distributed.

Arrange your viewports in a way that makes sense and don’t pack too many on a page. You can customize the paper size so they just fit.

Here is a screen shot of one of my scrapbooks. Again, paper size is slightly larger than the content so the object can be seen in the Scrapbook panel.

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Although you can do it, I would recommend that you don’t do much actual drawing in LO. If you’re used to a “proper” 2D CAD system like AC, you will find it very clunky. Either draw in SU (in one plane) and import or import something from AC.

Do you mean you actually like the slowness of LO? For most of us, it drives us nuts! Mind you, you are on a PC and I believe it’s a bigger problem for us Mac users.

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I haven’t used AutoCAD for over 10 years now and based on my experience doing residential, domestic projects, I will disagree with Simon.

I routinely draw 2D details in Layout and don’t find it clunky, but that’s me and other will have different experiences…

In fact, from what I’ve seen of others’, I’d find drawing in 2D in SketchUp quite clunky.

Just my so-called 2 pence worth.


Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

But construction lines I use a lot and depend on, and…:

AC - ✓
SU - ✓
LO - x