Layout Components (blocks)

Hi @SketchUpTeam!

Creating components (like autocad blocksI) inside Layout would be very useful feature for creating construction documents.

This has been requested many times before (6+ years ago) and it looked like your team was looking at it as can be seen in this: Components for Layout or this topic.

I’d like to know if you have any plans to add this type of feature to Layout in any near future.


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It would be a nice feature to add but there’s no point asking when or if it will be added. The folks at Trimble are prohibited from disclosing that kind of information.

Thank you for your reply DaveR, but it’s not really contributing to the question. I’m sure you are familiar with this thread where Sketchup Product manager promissed more transparency on what is being worked on:

As a CEO of a small business that annualy invests significant amount of time and money for Sketchup licenses and training, I believe I have the right to be informed about the future of the product that 90% of our work relies on.

If there is no communitation then we loose trust in the product and sooner or later we will unfortunately have to switch to other software that is more reliable…

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They’ve said many times that they aren’t alloweed to talk about when or if features will be added.

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