2D blocks in SketchUp?

This is my first topic on the forum. I am now using AutoCad as a 2D and 3D draftsman. But my licence will expire soon. And am looking for a replacement for AutoCad. In AutoCad I use a lot of 2D blocks. And can call these up for any customer. This way I can make for example installation drawings in 2D for kitchens and bathrooms.
My question is the following. Can I also create blocks in SUPro 2021 and call them up and place them as required? And can I do this in SU or in layout? Who helps ? :grinning:

Regards, Guus


Yes to both…

SketchUp’s equivalent to a cad block is called a “component”. You can build a library of components to be used on future projects. These can be accessed through the Component Browser.

In LayOut, there are Scrapbooks (videos) that contain both 2D and 3D elements for you to use in your documentation projects.

I hope this helps

Scrapbook don’t exist in SU Pro 2021 anymore ?

Scrapbook is part of LayOut, one of the three separate apps when you install SketchUp Pro.
You can use it for easy style picking, inserting ready made scraps of your own or the ones that are shipped with the install and basically everything that can be inserted in a LayOut document.