Help with making a "Block" style item



hi all, ive just started using sketchup and i was using AutoCAD before. Im doing some stuff for uni and want to know how to make autocad style blocks in sketchup.

So specifically i used to use a contemporary slatted panel style block that would allow me to click a blue arrow and edit the size of the block. This used to have horizontal slat and a gap between them and when i dragged the blue arrow “POOF!” more would appear with the exact gap etc. Also, the panels had rear verticals that hold the horizontal beams on and if i used the blue arrow before, it would re-distribute the verticals to be evenly spaced along the panel.


i should add that i know how to make a component but i dont know what to do next to try to create something similar to what i had been using in Autocad

any help would be much appreciated


It sounds like something I’ve seen using Dynamic Components.

I think dynamics are Pro version only, but you can achieve similar to what you describe using native tools and “move copy” operations together with push/ pull to adjust the length of the “beams” to match the new slat coverage. It’s a little more work but less setting up, depends how often you use the thing I suppose.


A Component in SketchUp is virtually identical to the object called “Block” in AutoCad. A Dynamic Component is functionally very similar to a “Dynamic Block” in Autocad, but authoring dynamic components can only be done in the SketchUp Pro version.


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