Using existing 2D autocad files

My husband has existing building projects with 2D AutoCad files. How does SketchUp handle these files?

I am considering transitioning him from AutoCad to SketchUp because it seems easier for him to use. He is an 80 yo architect how loved AutoCad 3.


For importing AutoDesk dwg you need SketchUp Pro. Depending on how they were drawn in Autodesk (layers blocks, level of detail etc) you could use it to make a 3 D visualisation of it.

OK, using SketchUp Pro… In what way does how they were drawn impact SketchUp Pro drawings?

Does SketchUp do wall sections???

SketchUp will cut sections through whatever you model. How much information you get out of it depends on how much information you put into the model. Sometimes you model the ouline of a wall’s construction, and then fill in the more detailed stuff in a 2D drawing either in Layout or another program. Being a 3D modeler, it really shines by drawing a 3D cutaway model of typical wall construction rather than just your usual 2D wall section drawing.

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