Autocad blocks into components when importing

Every so often I do some stonework detailing in sketchup to help with quantities and weights on site. I start off with 2D Autocad drawings, and within those drawings each unique stone is given its own reference and converted to a block. I then import into sketchup and turn the 2D autocad block stone references into 3D components and it updates all those existing 2D blocks into the new 3D component across the drawing.
Now colour me crazy, but I am sure in previous versions of Sketchup that when I import extra Autocad drawings into my sketchup file that the same named 3D components auto-converted the 2D blocks into the sketchup components. But in SU2022 all it does is add a hash after the already existing component name and leaves them as a 2D component.
To simplify, if I import a 2D acad block into SU called “S1” and make that a 3D component, next time I import a 2D autocad drawing into sketchup containing the S1 block I am sure it used to import S1 as already showing as a 3D component and not the 2D block. I am having to individually use the replace component on imported acad blocks “S1#” to convert them back to the already existing “S1” component within the drawing. I am 99.9% sure I never had to do this previously.
I hope my post is clear!