Layout 2D Component

Is there a way to create a “group” of lines, text etc, copy it to multiple sheets and locations, and then update them all at the same time? A similar functionality to an Acad block or a Revit detail family? This would be handy for various things.

I haven’t been able to figure out if this is possible at the moment but I may be missing something.
If it is not possible I would like to see it incorporated. Maybe call it a “Dynamic Group”?


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You could do it by putting the group of geometry on a shared layer. Then updating it on one page would effectively update it on all other pages on which it is displayed. The same would apply to text and images.

Yeah I figured that would be good for things in the same location.
But sometimes we need to have the same entity in different locations.
Hopefully its something they are working on for the next version.

Hopefully, in a future version we will have something like a component in LO. I want call outs and titles etc that can be modified as a group but still keep unique text for labeling. If we could make tags that we could schedule, call outs that we could schedule and link it would be a big step to making the software usable professionally.

Components in Layout are much needed…

Yeah a few 2D componentish notation tools for dealing with text, labels etc, would go along way.

not only text, anything…