Materials - autotagging in text: Feature Request?

Not sure why I didn’t think of this years ago and unfortunately its too late for this next SU release

By why can’t we optionally tag the material used on a surface in the text commands in SU and LO like it automatically inserts the entity name?

I am sure I am not the only one who uses very specific names to describe finishes in their models…

Can’t get bricks out of my mind ATM :slight_smile:

that could be nice indeed.$

Since Layout can find infos about the face and group / component like volume or area, could it access the name of the material applied?

Even if there are several choices (one on the group, and one on the face) it could still be useful.

I’ll move the thread in Feature Requests since it would require a change in layout. Sketchup already knows the name of your material :slight_smile:

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Sketchup already knows the name of your material :slight_smile:

Yes, But it can’t insert it as autotext into the model like it does with the entity name… of course you could copy and paste from the material tray… so maybe not needed in SU… as that is a trivial action!

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interesting feature request…

It really seems that they don’t want us to see it on purpose because if you add the attribute as a dynamic component attribute it doesn’t show it in Layout either.
However if you create a custom parameter that copies the material, that parameter does show it in Layout.

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How about the group name if there many materials apply for many faces inside a group?