I need to calculate amount of materials, any extension?

hi! I am working on tubular structures, and I would need an extension that gives me the linear quantity of these necessary tubes, and if possible I can insert how much this tube comes from the factory (for example the tube comes in a 4 mt lenght and now many bars i need to buy in order to make this structure) and how many tubes I need to make the different cuts. Is there an extension that does this?

Have you tried OpenCutList?


OpenCutList has a good method of material handling (better than the DCs) and tools. Can get data from DCs via the Name attribute, reports can be customized to place said data using ruby.

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Have you looked at the Generate Report feature located in the file menu of SketchUp?

Hi! i tried and its very useful, but it cannot calculate in lineal meters, as its made for wood cut:(

im trying but i struggle with quantities and settings

I use quantifier pro

you need to use dimensional for material type to produce Lms.

can you upload file? will takeoff in OCL and report generator

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I am not allowed behalf on privacy reasons, but let me try to explain the issue and the goal:

The company makes tubes nd joints to create structures, right? I am who makes this joints and tubes, in form of DC, the tubes for example are placed and then the lenght is set as an attribute. On the other hand we have my colleagues, who are meant to use these DC to ensamble these structures, and finally get a report of how many of each joints are used, how many tubes and with which lenght. My colleagues are NOT meant to configurate of modificate any of the DCs, above all things the job has to be done easily and fast.

I havent find a way to do so in the report, maybe im selecting the categories wrong, i dont know

If you export your model to ifc format with Ifc Manager plugin, all of your dynamic attributes can be shown as a table. You can export to csv that report.

this might work! i will check and let you know, thanks!

Great. Send me a message if you need help

pipe lengths.skp (139.3 KB)

both generate report, using custom attributes

and OCL, using material and Name attribute

this is a start on either reporter, you can use simple objects instead of the firms, please build some that can then be used to match, then can get results you want

Thank you both, now im busy with other issues haha but as soon as a begin to try this out i will let you know, thanks!