How to calculate the amount of materials

How to calculate the amount of materials and their length in sketch 2018?
For example, made a frame, half of the material (metal frame) used 40x40, and half 40x20. And I got 100 such frames. Now I need to calculate how many meters each material was used. Waiting for answers. Thank you in advance

One of the most basic ways is to right click on a material in the in model browser and choose Area, this will give you the total area of the specific material in the model.

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Note that for faces painted on both sides or groups and components painted “from the outside” the area will be reported twice.

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile has contradictory information.

If you are using SketchUp 2018 (which you’d need to be using for non-hobby use) and if you’ve created the frame parts as components, you could use the Report Generator to create a report. that gives you the numbers needed to figure out the total. You could also use an extension such as CutList to create a list that would give you a report that includes the quantities and total length.

If you are using SketchUp Free (web), you could select a component in the model and look at Entity Info to get the total number of instances and then manually multiply that number by the length of the component.

The OpenCuList plugin (extensions warehouse) is also very good for creating the list of materials.
it’s my favorite.

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