I need help

I have recently ran into some work that requires me to use Sketchup for the first time. I have to find the amount of linear inches of 3 materials for a frame of a house. I need to find the total amount of linear inches or feet for the all the materials to make the frame. Also I did not create the Sketchup file. Is there a shortcut to find the total. I have seen videos like making a bill of materials but for that the boards have to equal length and in my file there are only a certain amount of boards that are the same length. I could really use any incite and advice to fix my problem. Thank you.

Also I believe each material does not have its own group/component.

you should be able to post the file now

If you share your file we could give you better solutions and advice.

BCN3224_Framing Cube Sketchup Version 2024.skp (166.1 KB)
I believe this is the correct file.

BCN3224_Framing Cube Sketchup Version 2024.skp (166.1 KB)

It’s unclear what you want to do. By “materials” do you mean, 2x4s, 2x6s, sheathing, and headers? You’ve added a material to your lumber, but that doesn’t seem to be the information you want.

Creating components for studs, headers, and sheathing would be one way to get what you need. For example, in the image below you can see some 2x4s that are components. I named them with the length in the definition. I also added the same length to the Size Attribute.

When one of the 2x4 components is selected, the Entity Info panel shows how many are in the model (I only made 8). So, you’ve got a material list and you can multiply for inches.

You could also use Generate Report to get something like this (if you use the Size Attribute).

Screenshot 2024-02-01 105536

Oh I’m sorry I forgot to mention right now I need a total linear length of wood for the roof. So I am building a model of this in real life. This model is 1:16 but it needs to be 1:1 but the only way I can think of getting a linear length is measuring each board one by one and adding them together.

That approach would also work.

How would I set it up because I know the components have to be a specific size for it to be counted. The boards all have different length for the roof.

There are almost no components in this model. A component is a specific type of entity in SketchUp, each one of the boards should have been created as one to facilitate pulling a report. Whoever built this model did not really know what they were doing. Some of the boards are not square to the framing, meaning their lengths will be wrong. Your best bet at this point is probably to measure each individual type of board and add up the total of each type including a few one-offs. Luckily its not too big a structure.

Thank you for the advice.

A little late for this but… If I were you I’d change to monochrome view while you’re working things out. That crazy wood texture just makes seeing what your doing a lot more difficult.