Calculating all line lengths


I am wanting to know the lengths of all the lines in my project. It would take ages to measure them all individually, is there a way to get a total length of every line in a certain area?
This would include arc circumferences and lines. If possible i’d also like to get an list of all lines. The plan is to have the measurements before ordering materials (minimising cost).



Select all the edges and look at the total length in Entity Info. To make it easy to select only the edges, set the Face Style to Wireframe.


If you are ordering materials, you might be better served by an extension such as Steve R’s CutList (search the Extension Warehouse). It generates a table showing the length, width, and thickness of every component in the model.

As a side note, if you need to consider parts of your model as “things”, you should be using components or groups to represent them, not just loose lines (technically edges).


Thanks Both,
Does it matter if you select measurements in the mix too?

Sounds great. Learning the program as I go, will look into components. I usually group things


By pressing the shift key, you can ad or subtract entity’s.
The total will be automatically be recalculated in the entity info box.


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@Fredo6 has created a great report tool for faces (part of Fredo tools), maybe he can add a similar tools for lines?