How to measure the length of a complex line like mine?


In the moment I am wondering is there a way to measure in meters +_
the length of my glass walk, at the outskirt or center line?
I was thinking singling out the center line only to have a clearer picture to
my question.
Thank you all.

Thank you.

I have a new PC with 19 again I am reading that the new 24 is version-less
Sounded great till I read it only goes back to 2020 :frowning:
There is supposed to be an extension or app that will re-save into 19
but it’s all ONLINE.
My file is 2GB how long will that take to process and is it any good?
It’s all very concerning to say OK I get the new one an NOTHING that I open
can be re-saved in the old directory unless going through an external app.
And how secure is that app? I worked 2 years on my project and
I don’t want to see it appear somewhere else before I publish,
which sure will take more time.

Select the edges you want to measure and you will see the length at the entity info palette

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i often have to measure pipes and wires - and my custom components all have an internal line connecting them (alignment and later path measurement) but as rtches pointed out, selecting those line (like your first image) and viewing the info panel will provide the measurement. in this example i switch to wireframe, select the lines, and voila, info has the total length.

a really handy extension is “select curve” which i use a lot for selecting complex lines.

Hello, thank you so much, I will attempt that.

Hi there thank you very much for taking the time.

This can’t be right. There’s no reason for it to be even a fraction of this size. What are you doing to get a file that big?

Depends on what one is working on.

My file is 2 years of work 50x50x50m city block
18 above and underground storeys fully detailed.

This is an earlier render of it. Cars, foliage and people not in my SKU file.

I see you are in NY isn’t it infamous for “huge” buildings? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest.

Sorry for late reply
I will take that into account when I get back at that issue
have other solve now
Just wanted to learn/know the way to resolve this question.
Thank you so much