Measuring a path

Is there a way to measure a path in Sketch up? Meaning not just point A to point B, But a continuous path with multiple points that get added.

Select all the parts of the path and read the length in Entity Info.

How does one add a third or fourth point with the measure tool to add the whole path?

Use the select tool with ctrl(option I think on Mac) to select individual parts.

Correct. Or shift will either add or remove entities on either platform.

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perhaps this illustrates better what i want to measure. I want to measure from point A to B to C to D. i need this path to be added up. lets say from A to B is 15’. then i would like to add from B to C, then from C to D to get a complete measurement.

Draw lines between those points so you can select them to get the length.

issue is that you have to click from A to B get a length, then get a length rom B to C add that up then get a length from C to D to get a final measurement.

Not if you select the entire path like @Box told you to do and I show in my screen shot.

Note that the image shown in Dave’s post has all lines highlighted in blue. If you did it your way only one would be.

Yes i see now, Thanks DaveR. Thanks for the help guys.

Thanks again guys its a nice solution. Have said that it would be awesome to click along a path with the tape measure tool and it would total up the length. Perhaps a future update.

Perhaps but since you could just triple click somewhere on the path to select it in its entirety, even if you can’t see it all, it seems more practical to me to just select it and look at Entity Info.

And i learned something today. Was not aware of that little tidbit. Thanks again DaveR.

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