Is there a way to measure an arc in Layout 2019?

I do garden design and use Layout for my plans. One thing I will need to do a lot of is measure the length of an arc once it’s already created, to say, figure out what length of garden edging I need to buy.
I can use the dimension tool to measure straight lines, but how do you easily measure the length of an arc?
I saw a post from 2017 asking the same thing but for SketchUp. Layout doesn’t seem to have an Entity Info panel in the Toolbox that will give this info.

Please help - it’s driving me batty!

adding a reply just because I want to know the answer to this myself.

There isn’t a way to measure the length of a curve or arc in LayOut but if you’ve modeled it in SketchUp, you can get the length in SketchUp’s Entity Info and add a note in LO.