Layout dimensions - Arches


A better and more powerful dimension tool would be imperative for layout.
For example DIMENSIONING ARCHES, for getting the arch length and place an arched dimension line on it or getting and placing the radius of the arch.


You can use a linear dimension for the radius by tweaking it, and changing the center end arrow type.

arch_radius.layout (9.9 KB)

What do you mean by arch length and arched dimension line ?


Dear Dan,
Please see bellow what I would need.

The first image is made in Archicad and you can see a dimension line that
follows the arch (also getting the length of the arch).

And in the second image there is an element that is not a half circle arch
and for that I cannot get the length or the radius from Layout, I have to
go to sketchup to get it, so this is why i think the dimension tool from
layout would need an improvement.
[image: Inline image 1]


Arc Length is often found in commercial millwork shop drawings.
One cannot cut, say, an irreplaceable piece of veneered stock, once, right size, unless they know how long it’s supposed to be.

Deriving arc length is easy for the designer at the computer.
It’s time consuming risky business out on the shop floor.

Arc Length would be a welcome addition to SketchUp and LayOut’s dimensioning tools, along with SU’s perpetually absent Dimension Angle tool.


Oh… no doubt.

Also associative datum dimensions would be nice.


Arc length, as it is called, would be an excellent addition to SU/LayOut’s basic dimensioning tools.

Actually, there are three related ways to measure an arc’s extent, each supporting a particular design intent. Here’s the relevant figure from ASME Y14.5M:

Notice that in addition to its distinctive dimension and extension line arrangement, arc length also includes an arc length symbol above the value.



This feature is a must.