Sum the Length of a component


Hi all,

anyone know any plugin that provides me the sum of the length of a particular component?


Could you give an example of a component and show what sum you are trying to find?


What do you mean by “sum of the length”? Do you want to count the length of all lines?


The SketchUp report provides me the quantity of steel bars and the length of each individual bar, but if I have 100 steel bars in the project i would need to sum, manualy, the length of each individual bar

i would like a plugin that generates me a report with the sum of the total length of these 100 bars, not the individual length of each bar.

Sorry for my bad english.



You might have a look at the CutList extension from the Extension Warehouse. Although it was intended for woodworking, it includes total length for each component definition. It’ll generate a CSV file including that information and you could easily use a spreadsheet to sum the column.


DaveR, it works !

Thanks very much !

My best regards !