Is there a plugin that can sum the lengths of a component?

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Having drawn a house, I’m now transferring stuff like the engineering diagrams into my sketchup model (let’s call it BIM :wink: )
So, when I look at the model I can see all my engineered floor joists placed where they will go. I’ve got 4 different thicknesses of joist and they’re 4 unique types of component. If I click on one of them to highlight it, then the Entity Info window will say “JJI245D (98 in model)” which is helpful but what I’d really love is if it said:

JJI245D, 98 in model, sumX 100000mm, sumY 9506mm, sumZ 24010mm

i.e. relative to all the local axes contexts within each component (so any that were rotated preserved their own notion of x, y, and z) the current dimension (including any scaling as I’ve used the scale tool to re-dim the joists for different spans) for each axis is added up…

This means I could say to the timber merchant that I needed 100 linear metres of 245D joist, for example

Anyone know of any plugins that would do this? I was hoping I could have sselected multiples of them and SU would add up their volumes (I could then divide by the width, height and count of selected to reach the length) but the volume panel in EI window only calcs volume when one component is selected

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This would be a job for the Create Report tool, except that it doesn’t work with metric units.


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It could be imported into a spreadsheep where a simple formula easily converts the unit.
(That’s not to say that Generate Report doesn’t need an update… it sorely does.)

Multiple instances of just one Joist Component can be scaled to various lengths.
SU Pro Generate Report feature of will report the length of each instance and a total of their lengths.
Here’s an example model and the report generated from it:

Floor Joist Estimate.skp (73.7 KB)

Generate Report 2015-01-03.pdf (41.1 KB)


Unit conversion has its risks. It’s best the software do it automatically, not the user.
Remember the Gimli Glider?

Unit conversion is what SketchUp does all the time. Generate Report output the internal unit data - converting it in a spreadsheet wouldn’t be doing anything else than what SketchUp does when printing units to the UI. (Which it’s then silly that it doesn’t print model units to the report.)

I only took the opportunity to rant…

A truly useful report would be an auto-updating one that could be integrated, for instance, in a LayOut document. A HTML report you have to export and reformat/re-import to another app every time you make changes is today rather an outdated idea.


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Turned out it was actually quite easy to write a plugin myself to do this; thanks for the inspiration. I adapted some code that measured the volume of groups and components, so some credit to the original author (Dan Rathbun - Volume of Multiple Groups • sketchUcation • 1) for providing something I could read and use as a jump-start to my first foray into Ruby coding

If anyone has a need for this in future, here’s the plugin boardumb_multimeasure.rb (2.3 KB)
Dump it in plugins folder (along side sketchup’s main program), restart sketchup, select some components and then choose Component Bounding Info on the Tools menu

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This Plugin fixes the Units issue in Generate Report… until SketchUp itself is ‘fit-for-purpose’…

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