How I can create a list of info - Volume, Square Feet or Length - in the right units?

I create a 3D model and wonder know how i can get an list with info about area / volume or for metal stud the lenght. I put all different components on different layer. I cant imagine that i have to klick all seperate component and as for lengh, area… by 1000 studs and diffent lengh I’ll jump out of the first floor. :slight_smile:

I have here 4 different metal studs (8” / 6” / 4” and 2”) and one wood stud 4” x 8”
My question is: How I can say to SketchUp: make a list with all different component and make a sum. I draw every component on an separate layer. How I get the info about the component in the right unit?

Same for the square feet. I have an 3D model and can’t get an info over the volume, sp ft, eg.
It makes no sense to klick on all components like roof, wall, soffit and write it info down…. I can’t imagine that isn’t possible. If I describe the material as wood lining, Sheetmetal, or blab la bla. I must get it by an klick like generate a list. Maybe I have to put it on a separate layer or something else, but I don’t want klick every different component and the count and add all studs. That is stupid… Sorry!


This would require a plugin. To create such a plugin, would require a sample model containing the various components and materials.

There are already several Extensions that will do this.
For example: “Estimator”…

SketchUp Pro’s Generate Report feature does not support counting material area.
Fortunately, @eneroth3 created a tool for that.

Eneroth Material Area Counter — Extension Warehouse

The screenshots of you Layer Manager indicate you’re using SketchUp’s layer system incorrectly.
Continuing in that fashion is the road to modeling mayhem.

See these learning resources.

Organizing a Model — SketchUp Help

Layers Control Visibility — SketchUp Help

SketchUp Training Series: Layers

Generating a meaningful report requires proper model organization.
Here’s an example:

SketchUp Skill Builder: Door and Window Schedule

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For material, you can also use FredoTools::ReportLabelArea.

  • works on the selection or whole model
  • You can choose the unit
  • you can export to Excel


More info at

Download FredoTools on Sketchucation here. You also need LibFredo6.




Thanks! Great app.
That was excatly what I’m looked for.
I will donate tomorrow !!!


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