SketchUp and materials takeoffs?

I use SketchUp to model and produce working drawings for fairly straight forward residential construction. I think there are features available in SketchUp that would help do material takeoffs, but I don’t know how to use them. Are there tutorials or references that would help. Thanks for the help.

Here’s a start…

SketchUp Pro’s Generate Report feature does not support counting material area.

However, careful material application and naming yields meaningful area² results from this plugin.
Eneroth Material Area Counter — Extension Warehouse

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Thanks, lots of information there, helpful, thank you.

Is there any utility in the “Type” field in the Entity info window for specifying and reporting materials on say wall surfaces?

In the Entity Info Dialog > Advanced Attributes, the ‘Type’ field is for assigning IFC Classification System Type
It’s not going to yield the area² info you’re after.

Let’s say you have built a model of a house.
You have decided all interior walls will be drywall and now you want to know the total area of the interior walls.

Use the Paint Bucket tool to apply an easily recognizable color to the face of each interior wall.
In the Materials Browser, rename the color ‘Drywall’

Now the report generated by the aforementioned plugin will have meaning.

I usually just select the faces I want included in a query and get the area sum from entity info.
If its surface area of many different sizes of components you need to calculate for something like painting or staining etc. Some one here gave me an .rb to report the surface area of all selected components. It works great.

Thanks very much, got the extension and will see what I can do. Bdest.

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