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Would like to hear from other *commercial/apartment general contractors who are using SketchUp for QTO especially for BUILDING WALLS and during pre-construction (DD/assembly phase).

In this context our primary objective is to quickly perform qto needed to obtain wall area, linear foot, and unique surface material (stone/tile/wood) for each named assembly so that we can export the data and headings to csv.

Our needs are: -1- user control for naming assemblies and layers -2- ability to apply materials to select wall surfaces and this be part of the “named” assembly -3- ability to place a component on the wall and cut the surface reflecting net material surface area. We aren’t trying to generate construction documents and LOD is low.

Ideal drawing tool for our needs would allow; -1- user to select type or name of assembly say “wood frame, 2x6, brick veneer” from a SAVED WALL TYPE LIST, -2- input it’s height, -3- trace/draw wall, -4- select and place components on face (windows/doors) cutting surface for net surface area and -5- allow for export area/linear foot data and titles to csv. Would like ability to toggle views from 2-D to 3-D. [The wall width and surface material(s) would be attributes of the named wall type].

We found an extension that will do this except can NOT name or save assemblies. We found another where assemblies can be saved but to use you need to create separate assemblies for every wall height you may use.

Would be interested in other *commercial/apartment general contractors that might be looking at same issues and what they are doing to “work around” or if they have found a great extension they are using.

*note: we emphasized commercial/apartment as opposed to custom design/build home builders as the deliverable(s) and delivery schedule(s) can differ significantly … (have done years of both)

Michael M.


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