Don't even know what terms to use

My first CAD degree was acquired back in May of 1986. Trained on a lot of different systems. Can’t figure out the appropriate search terms, but trying to determine if SketchUp (Pro) has a feature that allows you to define wall types, e.g. 2x4 studs 16" o.c., 1/2" gyp board interior, exterior 7/16" OSB, housewrap, lap board siding.

Home Designer Pro has such a feature, but is also tedious to use in regards to other drawing options.

I really want something that has the wall definitions capability, but more of the ease and intuiviteness (good word, huh?) of SketchUp.


Thank you!!


From your post, I am not sure what you are seeking. Some possibilities:

  • a parametric wall tool in which you plug in parameters and the model is generated automatically
  • a way to tag a simple drawing of a wall with specifications such as those
  • ability to create a model of a wall yourself that has those parts actually in the model

Also, are you thinking of a 2D drawing or a 3D model?

the first and third, in 3D. I draw a line using my predefined wall type/configuration, and it draws a wall, Z’ tall, X’ long, and Y" thick.

Will a search for parametric wall be sufficient? And does it require Pro to do it?


Have a look at Plus Spec, a plugin to use with SketchUp. I think that will do you you want.

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I’m so new to SU that I know neither where to look to find Plus Spec., nor how to plug it in.

SketchUp has the ability to add third party features by adding plugins, these allow you to customize SketchUp to suit your needs. PlusSpec is one such plugin that can added to SketchUp and will provide the features you are looking for.

In SketchUp go to the Window menu and select Extension Warehouse, This is the easiest way to browse and add plugins to SketchUp. once there a simple search for Plus Spec will lead you to the information page about the plugin and allow you to install a trial version.


Or if you just want to have a quick look at what PlusSpec can do, visit

You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman! Thank you so Very much!

I only hope that one day, I’ll be able to help someone else.



I just discovered that doing a search in the warehouse gives me a TON of options, none of which are named Plus Spec. So, I clicked on your link and will try downloading that way. Bit of a pricey tool, but also appears to be what I’m looking for.

Really hate that the annual lease is more expensive than the other software package I’ve been using. Are there any other similar, but free or more cost-effective options that you’re aware of?

Thanks again!

You can also look at profile builder 2

After installing the trial Profile Builder 2, I’m not sure which/what item to select on my View/Toolbars/…

One more bit of help please!



I really haven’t used it - but I have read lots about it. Perhaps you
could go on the Sketchucation forums and check it out.


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